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  • Where is the Line of Fire?

    The political season is gearing up for what is to be an exciting 2014. Between local, state and Federal elections; the strategy and maneuvering is just beginning.

    One piece of strategy to note as we all choose which issue and campaign to give our time and attention to--make sure you point your ammunition in the right direction.

    In particular, one of the bulldogs in the political fight who keeps things always interesting is East County attorney Bruce McCain. He grabs onto an issue and...will...not...let...go. He will aim his huge arsenal of media at an issue and won't stop until he has won. It can be a great attribute in the political world...until he aims it in the wrong direction.

  • Oregon State Senator cancels town hall due to scheduling conflicts, appears to have none

    [5440 note: originally published 5 March 13 at WatchdogWire.org/Oregon. This post has been reproduced in its entirety here for the sake of posterity.]

    Senator Ginny Burdick (D-18) has long been a proponent of regulating the purchase and ownership of firearms. As we reported last week, gun legislation has been a very hot topic in Oregon during this legislative session. Sen. Burdick originally drafted a bill in December that would ban high capacity magazines, in response to the shooting at the Clackamas Town Center. Recently, she postponed a  town hall event that was planned so that she could reach out to her constituents. She cited scheduling conflicts, and promised to reschedule.

    However, many questions have been raised as to the validity of the claim of scheduling conflicts. Speculation has been rampant that she did not want to face the voters to defend her stances on gun ban legislation. A local citizen journalist went to Sen. Burdick’s home on the night of the postponed town hall, March 4, to attempt to ascertain what the scheduling conflict may have been. The attached video shows the results.


  • Left's Fascination With "Phobia"

    Reading an article about the book, "Ender's Game", it was interesting to see that the US Marine Corps incorporates it into their curriculum. You expect to see "The Art of War" and "The Maneuver Warfare Handbook" in there, but - a science fiction novel? 

    Speaking with The New York Times in 2003, just after the start of the Iraq War, Michael Macedonia, director of the Army's simulation-technology center, said “Ender’s Game has had a lot of influence on our thinking,” which at the time included developing “…a simulation that allows people to play in that world for months or years, participate in different types of roles, and see consequences of their decisions.

    Given that warfare is, in the book, conducted by young people using interactive desktops and avatars, precursors to today's tablet-centric environment, together with the fact many current military operations are carried out by young people remotely controlling drones, that the book has influenced thinking in the military is perhaps understandable. Yet, of greater interest were some of the comments dropped off by Leftists.

    These describe the author in the derogatory terms so frequently and depressingly deployed by the Left; depressingly, because it seems clear that they don't actually understand the meaning of most of the terms they use. For example, the author is variously referred to as a "right-wing bigot", and a "homophobe".

    In point of fact, the term, "bigot" refers to an intolerant individual who treats other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, etc. - in short, the very manner in which the Left treats anybody who disagrees with them. Likewise, the term, "phobia" refers to fear, or "morbid fear". Yet many people disagree with the concept that homosexuality is something to be "celebrated", much less flaunted, as is too often the case; this disagreement by no means implies any "fear" of homosexual behavior, it merely indicates that they disagree with its propriety. Refusal to accept certain behavior does not equate to fear of it - much less "morbid fear".

    Thus, it is clear that they simply have no clue in regard to the meaning of the terms they fling about with such utter abandon.


  • Metro's Too Dense

    Solid waste is mostly an urban phenomenon. In rural communities there are fewer packaged products, less food waste and less manufacturing. A city resident generates twice as much waste as their rural counterpart of the same affluence. If we account for the fact that urban citizens are usually richer, they generate four times as much.

    "Peak waste" is not projected to occur in this century, so the question becomes twofold: where to put all the trash, and how to produce less of it. As noted above, solid waste is primarily generated by urbanites; it would therefore seem reasonable to deemphasize high-density apartments, condos, and the like - yet that is precisely what Portland and the Metro regional government persist in emphasizing. In brief, their goals are exactly the opposite of what's needed.


  • Detroitlandia

    Looks like Detroit's planning to channel Portlandia.

    They can't afford streetlights, and it may take an hour or more to get a response to a 911 call, but Detroit's movers and shakers have big plans: a new event center/hockey arena and - ta-da! - a light-rail line. These are sure to "spur development", just as it hasn't in Porkland, and would only cost $800 million or maybe a billion.

    Without "vibrant central cities," college-educated young people will continue to leave "and take the future Michigan economy with them," said Lou Glazer, an economic expert and president of the nonpartisan research organization Michigan Future Inc.


  • Fighting Hard(ly) For You

    Oregon's state Attorney General wants EPA to regulate us some more. To that end, she's spending taxpayer dollars to join several of her fellow wingnuts in a lawsuit aiming to force EPA to do just that; in this day and age, when we have access to green&sustainable wind power to heat homes, it's incomprehensible to her that some people still insist on burning wood. How are we going toChinaSave The Planet™ if this sort of thing is allowed (forest fires are "natural", so the smoke they generate isn't a problem)? They need to stop burning wood, and they should all ride bicycles (which will doubtless be her next legal action).

    After all, in more enlightened places like China, most everybody rides bikes.




  • Consumer Beware

    Consumer Reports, which publishes reviews of consumer products and services, advised its readers to avoid the federal health-care exchange “for at least another month if you can.” “Hopefully that will be long enough for its software vendors to clean up the mess they’ve made,” the magazine said, having tested the site themselves over the course of the past three weeks.


  • I'll Take "Surge Protector" For A Million, Alex

    NSA's huge new data facility, located between Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah, was sited there in large part due to the abundance of inexpensive power. They need a lot of juice to run the servers and other equipment - and to keep it all cool. They're running mostly Cray supercomputers there, and all told, they'll use at least 65 megawatts every day - enough for a town of 20,000 - at a cost of a million dollars a month.

    But in their haste to get the place up and running, shortcuts were taken; mistakes were made. As a result, a series of nearly a dozen massive electrical surges, referred to as "meltdowns" has occurred over the past year, taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of gear, along with a lot of wiring. So they probably won't be able to get it running for another year or so, although the platform will be entirely operational by the time your friends arrive.


  • Stepping Up His Game

    In his continuing attack on the riff-raff, Obama's National Park Police closed Mt. Vernon, George Washington's home. And then re-opened it after discovering that the estate is privately owned and receives no government funding whatsoever.


  • Go For Broke!

    Don't support the banksters, put your trust fund dollars where they'll do some good! Open an Occupy Movement account today!

    The Occupy Money Cooperative is like a bank, but better. 

    Like a bank we offer access to financial products like prepaid debit cards. And like a bank your money is FDIC insured. 

    But unlike a bank, you'll get a better deal. 

    Because the Cooperative will be run by its members. Which means we won't have to answer to Wall Street or to profit-hungry directors. We'll answer only to ourselves.


  • Another Problem for Pelosi

    Waawk! Nanny wanna cracker!

    Well, that may be a problem, seeing as how the Vatican's Chief Justice has come out and said that she must be denied communion.

    “This is a person who obstinately, after repeated admonitions, persists in a grave sin--cooperating with the crime of procured abortion--and still professes to be a devout Catholic.”

    Apparently, Pelosi's behavior violates some sort of rule in the Catholic faith, and therefore, she must be denied admission to the Holy Communion.

    There's that "denial" thing cropping up again - you hear it from failed Presidential candidate AlGore all the time when he yaps on about those who don't adhere to his religious belief. But he and his acolytes claim that their religion isn't a religion, while the Catholic Church makes no bones about it: they are a religion, and if you keep committing grave breakages of their rules and laws, then you will be punished through denial of certain defining services and conventions. Unlike AlGore, these guys are right up front about it.


  • Sustainable?

    "Clean, Green&Sustainable" Porkland essentially controls Multnomah County, Oregon. Between the city, TriMess, Metro, and the county itself, billions of dollars have been pledged (bonds, which taxpayers are on the hook for) to build light rail, streetcars, aerial trams, and more - all to burnish that "Clean, Green&Sustainable" image (and stroke politicians' egos).

    Clark County, Washington, and Clackamas County, Oregon, are routinely castigated as backwards because they don't want light rail and apartment towers (glorified lab-rat cages). They're stupid, they're provincial, and while Clackamas County residents are derisively referred to as "Clackistanis" and Clark County is referred to as "Hooverville", a funny thing happened


  • Nobody's Right, If Everybody's Wrong

    When even the Washington Post admits it, times are bad.

    In 1989, the median American household made $51,681 in current dollars (the 2012 number, again, was $51,017). That means that 24 years ago, a middle class American family was making more than the a middle class family was making one year ago.


  • Oregon Minimum Wage Jumps

    Starting in January, Oregon's new minimum wage will be $9.10 an hour. This's great news for the hipsters! Except...there's one teensy little problem that Porkland regressives probably completely overlooked when they rammed this through the state legislature some years back; as mentioned here just yesterday, the unemployment situation here in Orygone is much more dire than it may appear, because most of the "new jobs" are part-time.

    Moreover, the unemployment rate here has moved up from 8% in July to 8.1% last month.


  • It's The Water

    Despite the fact that liberals are completely unaffected by the amoeba lurking in a suburban New Orleans water supply, many people remain concerned.

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- While officials try to pin down the source of a deadly amoeba found in the water supply of a suburban New Orleans community, bottled water sales in St. Bernard Parish have skyrocketed and some people worry about washing their faces in the shower.

    Its only entry to the brain is through minute openings in a bone about level with the top of the eyeball, said Dr. Raoult Ratard, Louisiana's state epidemiologist.


  • It's Dead, Dr. John

    The zombie "Columbia River Crossing" keeps chugging on, as founding member of the FON (Friends Of Neil) club, Patricia McCaig, has convinced Oregon governor Retread to go for an "Oregon-only" light rail bridge project into an unwilling Clark County, Washington. But it seems likely that, despite her best efforts to keep the gravy train going, it's doomed: even environmeddlists have teamed up to tell Retread it's a bad idea, and now the bicycle activists in Porkland - a hugely influential group of spandexers - have launched a campaign against it.


  • Obama Smacks - California?

    It's interesting to watch Democratics eat their own. The Golden State's been dominated by Democratics for decades; it's a place where Obama holds his most successful fundraising campaigns. And as a result of all of that Democrat management, the state's in a real fiscal hole. Cities are declaring bankruptcy, due largely to Democratic pension and benefits promises made to unionized public workers over the past 50 years, since shortly after JFK issued an executive order allowing public employees to unionize.


  • Remember, It's For The Children™! Or Not.

    Porkland Teachers Association has issued their final demand offer to the PPS bureaucrats, and it's a doozy: among other things, they want a 55% pay increase for teachers who have class sizes equal to the norm when I was in school, and they want parking spaces not more than 100 feet from the door. They also insist that the school year be limited to 176 days, or about a week less than national average. And they want classroom volunteers - including parents - banned.

    Fly me to the moon, take me to the stars...

  • Portland Educator Makes Controversial Remarks On The History Of Racism

    On August 31, the Northwest Convergence Project was launched. This unique program was presented as a symposium to talk about the history of the failure of poverty programs and how to lift folks out of a culture of entitlement and dependency. Most attendees found the project to be worthwhile, as dialogue among disparate interests was created and fostered.

    One presenter, however, created a bit of controversy with her recounting of the history of racism in America. For instance, did you know that the handgun was invented to keep slaves under control? And you might be amazed at the reasons why colonists chose Africans for enslavement.



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